350 ha of seedless table grapes of the latest and best varieties available are under cultivation with a further 50ha development planned over the coming months.

Newer varieties enable Southern Farms to harvest early enough to ensure that the bulk of its produce lands in Europe in time for pre-Christmas sales.

White, red and black seedless varieties are grown, enabling us to meet most customers’ requirements.

Varieties cultivated on Southern Farms:

  • Prime Seedless
  • Early Sweet
  • Sugraone
  • Thompson seedless
  • Flame Seedless
  • Ralli Seedless
  • Midnight Beauty
  • Desert Seedless


In 2013 the first date plantation was established on Southern Farms with 23 ha of Zamli and 41ha of Madjoul currently under cultivation.

Plans are in place to develop a further 240ha of dates over the next 3 years.

The first Zamli dates will be harvested in 2015, followed by the first Madjoul dates in 2016.