The Southern Farms group is an independent grower and exporter of quality early seedless table grapes. Our grapes are packed and shipped to reach our United Kingdom and European markets before Christmas. We remain committed to personal service and meeting the specific requirements of our customers, while practicing environmentally responsible farming methods.


Originating in 1995 when Chris Steenkamp recognised an opportunity to produce seedless grapes early enough to send via sea-freight and still reach their prime market (UK) in time for Christmas. After careful consideration and planning, Schuitdrift (now Southern Farms) was acquired, the first 100 ha grapes were planted and in 1996 South African grapes landed in the market in the week before Christmas for the first time, forever changing the direction of the South African Table Grape industry.


GRAPES: 350 ha of seedless table grapes, the latest and best varieties available, are under cultivation with more development planned over the coming months.

DATES: In 2013 the first 60ha date plantation was established on Southern Farms with a plan to grow this to 300ha over the next 3 years.


Schuitdrift farm was established together with a large game reserve with 20km of pristine Orange River frontage. Animals indigenous to this area were re-introduced to the reserve as part of our commitment to the conservation of the natural habitat and ecosystems. This singular positioning allows Southern Farms to employ specialised farming methods, while taking care to minimise the impact on the environment; thus showcasing both the best of nature the best of technology